Buckle Up for Life

Buckle up your kids

In recognition of Child Passenger Safety Week ( September 15 to 21, 2013) and the first annual Buckle Up for Life Day (September 17), a nationwide movement dedicated to improving child passenger safety, we want to share with you a couple tips and general feed backs from parents across the country to bring awareness to the heartbreak of losing young innocent lives.

Car crashes are the number one killer of children in the United States between the ages 1 and 12. Only 1 out of every 4 child car seats are properly installed. Furthermore, due to multiple factors, Hispanic and African American children are 10 times less likely to be properly restrained in a vehicle.

Toyota’s Buckle Up For Life program had conducted a survey to find that most parents are aware of the procedures to the proper car seat installation, but many still put their children at high risk by being overconfident.

Key Survey Findings and Tips

  • Confidence levels are high: When selecting the appropriate car seats, 96 percent of parents are “very/somewhat confident.” However, 41 percent of parents are unaware that car seats have an expiration date.
    • Tip: Always remember to read the user’s guide to find out the seat’s expiration date and other important information. Every car seat is different.
  • Car seat inspection station usage is low: Nearly half of parents (42 percent) have had their child car seat installation checked by an expert. Yet many also mentioned practicing unsafe behaviors, such as dressing their child in bulky outerwear or not removing their child’s jacket before buckling him/her into the child car seat (41 percent); and more than a quarter of parents surveyed (26 percent) have allowed their child to ride in the front seat of the vehicle before the age of 12.
    • Tip: Always buckle your child in the car seat first before placing coats or blankets over the harness. Keep in mind that bulky clothing can alter a snug fit.
    • Tip: Look for a local child car seat inspection station via the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • African Americans are less informed about some critical child passenger safety issues: African American parents surveyed are more likely than average to acquire a second-hand car seat (22 percent) without knowledge of the car seat’s history. Among those who say they have acquired a second-hand car seat, 61 percent are unaware whether or not there was a product recall and 27 percent did not know the age of the car seat.
    • Tip: Always remember to get as much information as possible about a second-hand car seat, including the user’s guide. Be aware of technology and standard improvements as well as car seat recalls.
  • Hispanics feel overwhelmed by the choices: Only one-third of Hispanic parents are confident when researching, choosing, acquiring and installing a child car seat. However, for some Hispanic parents the research phase can leave them feeling overwhelmed (18 percent) while the installation phase can leave them feeling frustrated (8 percent).
    • Tip: Always remember that there is information available for every stage of the child car seat journey.

In addition to bringing awareness to the public, Toyota partnered with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to ensure the message is sent to more homes and cities through providing an increase the Buckle Up for Life funding by six million dollars in addition to the two and a half million in the past nine years.


“At Toyota, we are strongly committed to the belief that driver and passenger safety is a universal need and something everyone should have access to,” said Latondra Newton, group vice president of Toyota Motor North America Inc. “That is why we partnered with Cincinnati Children’s to create Buckle Up for Life.  We consider today to be both a celebration of all we have achieved and a call to action for the tremendous amount of work still to be done.”


Visit BuckleUpforLife.org for more details about child car seat safety.

Article reference: http://pressroom.toyota.com/releases/toyota+bufl+cincinnati+childrens+hospital.htm

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist For Summer

Make sure your Vehicle is in top condition for Summer. As the weather gets warmer Toyota of El Cajon wants to make sure you take several simple precautions to keep your family safe before hitting the road this summer! We put together a quick and easy maintenance check list so you can prepare to enjoy your Summer!Image

Follow this Checklist to care for your vehicle this Summer!

  • 1.Change the Oil and Air Filter– Get an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. If you live in a mild climate or will be towing a trailer, a higher viscosity oil might be necessary. 
  • 2. Check Belts and Hoses -Inspect your belts and hoses for cracks, leakage or swelling. Summer heat will only make these conditions worse, and might cause a breakdown. 
  • 3. Check Fluids -Besides the oil, make sure all fluids are at proper levels. Take a look at the condition of your coolant, If necessary, add coolant or perform a flush-and-fill. 
  • 4. Check your Battery– Test your battery. Summer can be more demanding on your battery. Bring your vehicle in to our service department for a Free battery inspection. 
  • 5. Check the A/C -Assess your air conditioning system’s performance. If it fails to give you the usual relief, you might need to add refrigerant. Or, see if there’s another cause, such as a leak. 
  • 6. Check Your Brakes– Make sure that your brake pads are not running thin and replace damaged rotors and drums. 
  • 7.Check Tires –Before you hit the road, check your tires. Make sure they have enough tread. You can check tire wear by sticking a penny upside down between the tread. If you can see Lincoln’s head, it’s time for new tires. Also make sure to check the air pressure as well. Big temperature swings can cause your tires to lose pressure more quickly.

Helping Teens Hit the Road Safely!

Earning a driver’s license is a big step for your teen and for you. Its a time for new adventures and a spirit of freedom and it also a time for increased responsibility, and trust on both sides. Toyota provides families with tools to help keep their teen safe on the road. Arrive In Style is a campaign with Teen Vogue to promote safe driving among teenage girls. Toyota conducted a study, with the University of Michigan and it shows a significant correlation between parent and teen driving behaviors. Here are a few of the findings;

  • What Teens Think Their Parents Do Behind the Wheel Matters More Than What Parents Say They Do:   What teensthink  their parents do while driving has a greater impact on the teens’ behavior than what parents actually report they do.
    • If a teen thinks that his or her parent looks for something in the vehicle while driving, the teen is four times (4.1) more likely to also look for something while driving (as compared to if the teen does not think their parent does this at all).
    • If a teen’s parent reports looking for something in the vehicle while driving, the teen is two times (2.2) more likely to do the same (as compared to if the parent does not report this behavior at all).
    • If a teen thinks that his or her parent eats or drinks while driving, the teen is three times (3.4) more likely to likely to do the same (as compared to if the teen does not think their parent does this at all).
    • If a teen’s parent reports eating or drinking while driving, the teen is two times (2.2) more likely to do the same (as compared to if the parent does not report this behavior at all).
    • If a teen thinks that his or her parent deals with passenger issues while driving (interacts with passengers regarding requests, concerns and conflicts), the teen is five times (4.7) more likely to do so themselves (as compared to if the teen does not think their parent does this at all).
    • If a teen’s parent reports dealing with passenger issues while driving, the teen is two times (1.7) more likely to do the same (as compared to if the parent does not report this behavior at all).

To take a deeper look at the findings, click here. When it comes to your teen’s driving, you aren’t just a disciplinarian; you are a partner, mentor and role model. With the right information and plenty of parental involvement, you can both breathe easier when your teen takes the wheel.

Take the Pledge to be safe and have the chance to be featured in an upcoming issue of Teen Vogue! 

To join the movement and take the pledge visit the Arrive in Style site.

Toyota’s Kid Friendly Camatte57s Concept.

Toyota plans to debut their two new versions of the Camatte at the International Tokyo ImageShow this weekend. Both Versions: the Camatte57s and Camatte57s Sport feature detachable body panels and re-configurable pedals that children can operate while their parents Steer.

Both cars are all-electric “Camatte” is the Japanese for word for “care.” According to the automaker, it’s intended to signify both caring for others and caring for cars, while the lone ‘s’ at the end of each name stands for “touch,” and the number of body panels. corresponds to the number

Watch a team of Toyota engineers install body panels on a Camatte57s

The San Diego County Fair is back!

The San Diego County Fair is back and Toyota of El Cajon has 2 for 1 Adult Admission Tickets!


In 1880, a group of San Diegans organized an agricultural fair to bring county farmers together to share ideas, see who had the best citrus fruit, who baked the best pie, and who had the fastest horse. After that first fair, the county fair was held annually with a few exceptions in various county locations until 1936, when it moved to its present Del Mar home. During World War II, the Fair was suspended, but has taken place in Del Mar annually since 1946.

This year ‘Game on!’ is the theme for the 2013 San Diego County Fair. The Fair will spotlight classic and nostalgic games From card games to board games, video games to game shows, consoles to cell phones. The San Diego County Fair is the largest annual event in San Diego County and the fourth largest fair in North America, drawing more than 1.5 million visitors annually. 

The San Diego County Fair will open Saturday June 8 and continue through Thursday, July 4. The Fair is closed Mondays, except July 1. You can see all the major upcoming events at www.sdfair.com

Come pick up your 2 for 1 Tickets at the front desk Today!

Congratulations Graduates!

 ImageWay to go! All the hard work payed off. As our gift to you, Toyota, in partnership with Toyota Financial Services, is proud to offer a $500 rebate to help you buy or lease your next Toyota. Going on now until July 8,2013

If you’ve obtained a degree within the last two years, you may qualify for the Toyota College Graduate Finance Program, featuring a $500 rebate toward the purchase or lease of select new Toyota’s.

.  To qualify for the rebate, you’ll need to meet the following graduation, employment, insurance and credit criteria requirements.

  • Earn your degree. To take advantage of the program, you must meet one of the following:
  • Have graduated from an accredited four-year college, university, or registered nursing degree program during the last two years or graduate from such a school/program within the next six months
  • Have graduated from an accredited two-year college during the last two years
  • Be enrolled in an accredited graduate degree program or have received a degree from an accredited graduate program during the last two years
  • Have graduated during the last two years from the two-year Toyota Technical Education Network (T-TEN) Program or any other two-year post secondary automotive program accredited by the NATEF
  • Have completed an electrician apprenticeship/certification program during the last two years through the NJATC and the IBEW
  • Get to work. At contract signing, show proof of present employment or future employment with a start date within 120 days of your purchase contract date. Note that TFS must deem your income sufficient to cover living expenses and vehicle payments.

Take advantage of our Toyota rebate, After all you deserve it!

Classic Toyota FJ Commercial

For Throwback Thursday we thought we  would share this Classic Toyota FJ Commercial.


If you have not gotten a chance to see our beautiful 1970 Land Cruiser FJ40, Come by to Toyota of El Cajon!

Located right behind the front desk, the car was originally purchased in San Diego by Mr. Patrick Edwards in 1970.In 2003, after a little over 30 years of standing still, we at Toyota of El Cajon had the pleasure of being able to buy the car from Mr. Edwards. It arrived to the dealership and after re-filling the fluids we had it up and running like new the very next day.

Our Land Cruiser now only has 3,883 miles on it, still has its original color coating, and the only thing we have done to it is change some of the seals due to weathering.

Check out our Facebook album to see pictures of our 1970 Land Cruiser FJ40.

The New 2014 4Runner

If you want a new style this Summer then the new 2014 4Runner is right for you. With its new redesign that has more of a rugged and aggressive appearance, it will immediately make you stand out.

The 2014 4Runner gImageoes on sale late summer 2013. It is available in three grades: a well equipped, value driven SR5; top of the line Limited, and Trail grade with maximum off-road capability.

It has a few changes to be excited about like a new front fascia that features a muscular front grille and forceful looking headlights. The headlamps have also changed from halogen to projector beam, with both the headlamps and redesigned rear combination lamps now featuring LED lamps.

It also has new advanced audio and connectivity features, which includes Toyota’s Entune multimedia system, an AM/FM/MP3 CD player with eight speakers, integrated SiriusXM Satellite Radio, USB port with iPod connectivity, and Bluetooth capability along with music streaming on the SR5 and Trail grade models. On the Limited grade it includes Entune multimedia system, JBL premium sound system with navigation, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, HD Radio with iTunes and 15 speakers.

The new 4Runner also features Toyota’s Standard Star Safety System that includes Vehicle stability control and traction control, an anti- lock brake system with Electronic Brake-Force Distribution, Brake Assist, and Smart Stop Technology brake-override system. All 2014 4Runners have Eight standard airbags and active headrests for driver and passenger, along with three-point seat belts for all seats.

4Runner continues as one of the few fully capable mid-size SUVs, and the redesigned 2014 4Runner adds comfort and convenience without sacrificing its hallmark performance capability and excellent value.

The 2014 4Runner will be available in eight exterior colors.

  • Super White
  • Attitude Black Metallic
  • Barcelona Red Metallic
  • Nautical Blue Metallic
  • Blizzard Pearl
  • Classic Silver Metallic
  • Magnetic Gray Metallic
  • Black   ImageImage

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