Live Love Last – Tony’s Video

A couple of months ago Mr. Tony Von Dwingelo stopped by Toyota of El Cajon to show us his Toyota truck. The truck was originally bought here and our dealership has reached over 400,000 miles and still runs great, which is why Tony decided to make a video with the slogan “Live Love Last” in honor of  Toyota’s long lasting vehicles.
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Here is the Toyota Live Love Last video by Tony Von Dwingelo

“Live Love LAST”

In the year 2000, Tony Von Dwingelo’s friend bought a truck at Toyota of El Cajon which got passed on to him once his friend decided to buy a new car a few years later. 12 years and 406.013 miles later, Tony brought the truck, which is running as good as even, back to Toyota of El Cajon to share his story. Continue reading

The 1970 Land Cruiser FJ40

If you have ever walked around inside the dealership here at Toyota of El Cajon you have most likely bumped into our mint green 1970 Land Cruiser FJ40.
Now standing in the very center of the building, right behind the front desk, this magnificent car was originally purchased in San Diego by Mr. Patrick Edwards in 1970. Mr. Edwards drove the car to his family’s property in Ennis, Montana, where it was only used for a couple of years. The family then placed the Land Cruiser on blocks in their barn and drained it on all of its fluids.

In 2003, after a little over 30 years of standing still, we at Toyota of El Cajon had the pleasure of being able to buy the car from Mr. Edwards based on a few pictures he had taken. It arrived to the dealership and after re-filling the fluids we had it up and running like new the very next day.
Our Land Cruiser now only has 3,883 miles on it, still has its original color coating, and the only thing we have done to it is change some of the seals due to weathering.

So, if you have not yet gotten a chance to see our beautiful 1970 Land Cruiser FJ40, come on down and check it out today!