Red Cross CPR Training San Diego

Driving a car, operating a forklift, selling real estate, riding a motorcycle, owning a business and flying a plane all require you to have some form of license or certification while all of these activities allow you to earn a living or enjoy a hobby none of them will help you save a life.

Being certified in CPR can help you save a life of a friend, co-worker, relative, spouse or the perfect stranger.


  • 70% of Americans don’t know how to perform CPR
  • 88% of cardiac arrest occur at home
  • 326,000 cardiac arrest occur annually
  • Only 32% of cardiac arrest victims get CPR from a bystander
  • Four our of five cardiac arrests happen at home
  • Effective CPR can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival.


Toyota of El Cajon has partnered with the San Diego Red Cross and is offering classes in CPR and First Aid.  Once a month at our Toyota of El Cajon dealership located in El Cajon California at 965 Arnele Ave you can take a hands-on class that is taught by a Red Cross CPR Instructor.  Students that complete the class will be given CPR Certification from the American Red Cross.  For more details watch our video CPR Training.

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