Navigation System 2015 Prius

The Navigation System in the 2015 Prius is like most technological gadgets, you must use it to figure it out.  Some of us are a little hesitate to sink our teeth into a gadget that beeps and chimes.

Prius Navigation

There are few of us that can find our way around a city without GPS, gone are the days of the Rand McNally map book that you kept in your car.  Getting  accurate directions from a stranger is a thing of the past. Many of you would not understand map coordinates or latitude or longitude.


If you were ever in Scouts reading a map was required to advance in rank. To a youth becoming an Eagle Scout was the ultimate, it was better than getting stars on your forehead in Catholic school.

Satellite technology has changed the world that we live in and for the geographically challenged individual it’s given them direction.

Navigation is one of the most popular options when purchasing a new car. The Navigation system of today is like the air conditioning option of yesterday, you must have it.

The Navigation system in the 2015 Toyota Prius is a very easy system to use, Toyota of El Cajon has produced a video that shows you the basics of the 2015 Prius Navigation system please take a look at the video.

Written by Toyota of El Cajon


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