Vehicle Maintenance Checklist For Summer

Make sure your Vehicle is in top condition for Summer. As the weather gets warmer Toyota of El Cajon wants to make sure you take several simple precautions to keep your family safe before hitting the road this summer! We put together a quick and easy maintenance check list so you can prepare to enjoy your Summer!Image

Follow this Checklist to care for your vehicle this Summer!

  • 1.Change the Oil and Air Filter– Get an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. If you live in a mild climate or will be towing a trailer, a higher viscosity oil might be necessary. 
  • 2. Check Belts and Hoses -Inspect your belts and hoses for cracks, leakage or swelling. Summer heat will only make these conditions worse, and might cause a breakdown. 
  • 3. Check Fluids -Besides the oil, make sure all fluids are at proper levels. Take a look at the condition of your coolant, If necessary, add coolant or perform a flush-and-fill. 
  • 4. Check your Battery– Test your battery. Summer can be more demanding on your battery. Bring your vehicle in to our service department for a Free battery inspection. 
  • 5. Check the A/C -Assess your air conditioning system’s performance. If it fails to give you the usual relief, you might need to add refrigerant. Or, see if there’s another cause, such as a leak. 
  • 6. Check Your Brakes– Make sure that your brake pads are not running thin and replace damaged rotors and drums. 
  • 7.Check Tires –Before you hit the road, check your tires. Make sure they have enough tread. You can check tire wear by sticking a penny upside down between the tread. If you can see Lincoln’s head, it’s time for new tires. Also make sure to check the air pressure as well. Big temperature swings can cause your tires to lose pressure more quickly.

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