San Diego Kids Expo & Fair


Come on down to Toyota of EL Cajon to pick up your FREE TICKETS to the San Diego Kids Expo & Fair to experience everything for kids and their families!

 The Event will be held at the Del Mar Fairground Saturday April 27th and Sunday April 28th from 10am to 5 pm. The event is hosted by Stock & Foil Community Development Corporation to educate San Diego Locals about organizations and businesses that can help raise a child in an ever changing world. Funds are also raised to support San Diego’s Music and Art programs.

 Some activities include:

  •  Rock Wall by Mesa Rim
  • JT Splatmaster
  • JT Splatmaster
  • Tumble Gym Bus
  • 3 Jumpies from Jump It Up
  • Fishing Pool by H&M Landing
  • Outdoor Main Stage by Rock & Roll San Diego
  • Euro Bungee
  • Hamster Balls on Water
  • Zip Line
  • Xorbing Balls
  • Laser Tag by Equinox Laser Tag

Toyota of El Cajon to Host Free Weekend eWaste Recycling Event in Honor of Earth Day

San Diego, CA – Recycle San Diego and Toyota of El Cajon have partnered to host a weekend-long eWaste Recycling Event in celebration of Earth Day. The event will run on Saturday and Sunday April 20-21 from 10am-2pm in the auto dealership’s parking lot at 965 Arnele Ave in El Cajon.

Jeffrey Harding, the Founder and President of Recycle San Diego, is happy to partner with an auto company with a strong environmental commitment as demonstrated by their award winning eco-friendly facility. “It is important to not only design and build environmentally-friendly businesses, but people should also remember to help protect our environment by diverting heavy metals and toxic substances from our local landfills. Older cathode ray tube (CRT) TV sets typically contain four pounds of lead, and we are committed to educating the public about safe and legal eWaste disposal.”

Items that can be recycled at the eWaste recycling event include: computers, monitors, TVs, laptops, cables, printers, fax machines, scanners, DVD players, VCRs, and other electronic items.

Recycle San Diego wishes to remind the public that it is illegal to dispose of e-Waste in the trash and California requires companies to recycle their e-Waste. California currently has the most comprehensive landfill ban in the nation, curbing both the illegal disposal and export of the largest category of toxic electronics which includes CRT TVs and computer monitors. 

Founded in 2006, Recycle San Diego is the #1 community resource for San Diego County, providing the most universal and innovative waste collection systems in the industry. Recycle San Diego believes in safe, environmentally friendly ways to reuse, repurpose, and recycle electronics of all types. “We recycle anything that plugs in or runs on batteries!”