Sandy Hook Snowflakes

As a way of paying our respect, we decided to make paper snowflakes for the children and teachers who were killed in the terrible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school a week ago.
The snowflakes will be used in decorating the new facilities to look like a Winter Wonderland for when the children come back from Winter break.

“Like our children, no two snowflakes are alike. We invite you to create snowflakes to decorate Sandy Hook School’s new home. Be creative! All colors and designs are welcome. We know that children will enjoy creating art that can adorn the walls of SHS’s new elementary school.” – Sandy Hook PTA & Connecticut PTSA

We all helped to make our own special paper snowflake, all with different patterns, shapes and decorations. Check out our Snowflakes for Sandy Hook photo album to see all the pictures.

IMG_2252 IMG_2326 IMG_2308

IMG_2292 IMG_2291 IMG_2264

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