“Live Love LAST”

In the year 2000, Tony Von Dwingelo’s friend bought a truck at Toyota of El Cajon which got passed on to him once his friend decided to buy a new car a few years later. 12 years and 406.013 miles later, Tony brought the truck, which is running as good as even, back to Toyota of El Cajon to share his story.

On the roof and over the bed of the truck Tony has mounted a big wooden board on which the words “LIVE LOVE LAST” have been painted in red. He says this is the new slogan that he would like to offer Toyota to start using.
Tony also mentions that the idea for the slogan came from the famous expression “Live Love Laugh”, but with the word laugh switched out to last because that’s what Toyotas do, they last.

“Usually the only time products really work is when you constantly tooled and modified them, but this car deserves props. Nothing’s been tooled on this thing at all except change of tires, 7 oil changes, and 2 break jobs.
I’m all about longevity that’s why I love Toyota. I even know people who have had Toyota cars which have gone over 300.000 miles and are still running, but they get a new vehicle because they think the old one will break down at any moment. But it just doesn’t!”

To show his appreciation, Tony has decided to send a box with some well thought out gifts to the Toyota Tokyo headquarters. The box includes the the original wrench that came with the truck, which Tony says he wants to give back since he never needed it, a $30 bottle of Tequila, an engraved silver lighter, a special hand picked cigar which is only rolled once a year, and a personal letter which he re-wrote five times to make sure it really showed his appreciation and was written in culturally correct manors.

2 comments on ““Live Love LAST”

  1. thank you madeleine for all your help and support on my live love and last project i look forward to sharing my toyota turnover testamonial video i plan on putting on utube. thanks again. tony von dwingelo

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