Granite Hills Eagles AYFC

The American Youth Football and Cheer Program is the largest youth organization in the world and here at Toyota of El Cajon we feel that it is an important part of every child’s life to be able to join their team and be part of something important.

However, due to the economic climate many families do not have the means to cover all of their child’s registration fees and equipment. Since Toyota of El Cajon regularly make donations to organizations in our community, we therfore decided to donate $100 to Granite Hills Eagles American Youth Football and Cheer team.

With the donations Granite Hills Eagles acquire they will attempt to accomplish an overall decrease of the registration dues for those children who need financial support and also help with purchases of helmets, shoulder pads, uniforms, portable field lights, practice gear and field use fees.

The Granite Hills Eagles already have over 200 children registered for the next season and some of them will need the support of our community.

For more information about the football and cheer team or if you want to make a donation, visit Granite Hills Eagles AYFC’s website.

One comment on “Granite Hills Eagles AYFC

  1. Thanks to local businesses like Toyota of El Cajon we have been able to grow our league by use of donations to lower registration fees and some time even offer full financial aid to those family’s who would not be able to afford sports for their children. Thanks Toyota of El Cajon!

    Joe Mazzenga
    President Granite Hills Eagles AYFC

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