New Car Owners Event

On Thursday night July 26th, Toyota of El Cajon invited all of our new car owners from the past few months to join us for food, raffle, giveaways and a tour of the facilities, including both the service and parts departments.

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Happy New 2012 Tacoma Owner

Last week, Angel Aramburo became the happy owner of a brand new 2012 Tacoma. Along for the ride was his 4 year old son Diego, whom had just as great of an experience as his dad had, here at Toyota of El Cajon .

“Toyota of El Cajon is great. Everyone was really friendly and since I have 4 kids at home, the play room they have here for the kids is great!”
– Angel


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Prius Plug-in at the Green Flash Concert

The 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in is our mid-sized hybrid electric car with an all-electric range of up to 18 miles on a fully charged battery, which can also give you up to 95MPG.
On Wednesday night Toyota of El Cajon’s Darrin Taylor had the pleasure to show of one of our Prius Plug-ins at the Green Flash Concert with Matt Nathanson and Paul Cannon Band at the Birch Aquarium.


Aquarium visitors and concert goers all got to check out the features and benefits of an electric car, test sit the comfortable seats, inspect the hybrid engine, and witness how easy it is to charge your Prius Plug-in.

“I’ve been wanting to get one for a while. It’s super comfortable.  If I buy this car and become homeless, I’ll live in it.”
– Scott

“Absolutely love this car!”
– Lynda





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Granite Hills Eagles AYFC

The American Youth Football and Cheer Program is the largest youth organization in the world and here at Toyota of El Cajon we feel that it is an important part of every child’s life to be able to join their team and be part of something important.

However, due to the economic climate many families do not have the means to cover all of their child’s registration fees and equipment. Since Toyota of El Cajon regularly make donations to organizations in our community, we therfore decided to donate $100 to Granite Hills Eagles American Youth Football and Cheer team.

With the donations Granite Hills Eagles acquire they will attempt to accomplish an overall decrease of the registration dues for those children who need financial support and also help with purchases of helmets, shoulder pads, uniforms, portable field lights, practice gear and field use fees.

The Granite Hills Eagles already have over 200 children registered for the next season and some of them will need the support of our community.

For more information about the football and cheer team or if you want to make a donation, visit Granite Hills Eagles AYFC’s website.

The 1970 Land Cruiser FJ40

If you have ever walked around inside the dealership here at Toyota of El Cajon you have most likely bumped into our mint green 1970 Land Cruiser FJ40.
Now standing in the very center of the building, right behind the front desk, this magnificent car was originally purchased in San Diego by Mr. Patrick Edwards in 1970. Mr. Edwards drove the car to his family’s property in Ennis, Montana, where it was only used for a couple of years. The family then placed the Land Cruiser on blocks in their barn and drained it on all of its fluids.

In 2003, after a little over 30 years of standing still, we at Toyota of El Cajon had the pleasure of being able to buy the car from Mr. Edwards based on a few pictures he had taken. It arrived to the dealership and after re-filling the fluids we had it up and running like new the very next day.
Our Land Cruiser now only has 3,883 miles on it, still has its original color coating, and the only thing we have done to it is change some of the seals due to weathering.

So, if you have not yet gotten a chance to see our beautiful 1970 Land Cruiser FJ40, come on down and check it out today!

I Want My MPG

Toyota is the most fuel efficient and has more hybrids than any other automaker.
Do you want your MPG? Here at Toyota of El Cajon, we have got 11 vehicle models over 30 MPG!
Click on the images below to explore a few of them or visit Toyota of El Cajon for more models.




Saturday Morning at The El Cajon Cove

When you are a child, having to come with your parents to the car dealership might not be the ideal Saturday activity. Luckily, here at Toyota of El Cajon we have built the “El Cajon Cove” where the children can play and have fun.

This morning 9 year old Steven and 3 year old Jeffery were both making full use of our pirate ship.

“It’s much more fun than just sitting around! I wish my brother could be here too.” – Steven, 9

Steven and Jeffery playing

Steven steering the ship

Photos: Madeleine Bergstrand